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Fingerprint biometrics for time and attendance tracking, improved customer service and a lower loss prevention rate

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An overview of New Look

New Look is a leading global fashion retailer with six new stores in China and plans to expand to 100 stores by 2017. Headquartered in the U.K., this international brand has 1,150 locations across mainland Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the U.K. As part of its foray into China, New Look wanted an alternative to password-based identification to improve time and attendance tracking and eliminate the potential for payroll fraud. The retailer initially selected a Point of Sale (POS) system enabled with Crossmatch® fingerprint technology to prevent employees from clocking in for each other, but discovered additional benefits for loss prevention and customer service along the way.

Password reset requests burden IT staff and store employees

Prior to adopting a biometrics-based solution, New Look implemented six-digit passwords to enhance security and confirm the identity of store employees when they would clock in at POS terminals. Employees share the terminals, which allowed employees to clock each other in. In addition, passwords were cumbersome for employees to remember and had to be changed every 90 days to meet security standards. As a result, the IT staff at New Look’s UK headquarters faced an uptick in password reset requests from forgetful employees.

Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics at the POS replace passwords altogether

In early 2014, New Look installed new POS systems enabled with Crossmatch fingerprint technology at six of its stores in China. Rather than remembering and inputting passwords, store employees now simply use their fingerprints — which are uniquely tied to their individual identities — to clock in and log onto the POS terminals. The retailer also instituted a new policy whereby store managers and deputy managers must use their fingerprints to approve returns, discounts and overrides.

New Look is set to open 16 more stores in China equipped with Crossmatch fingerprint technology by the end of 2014. The retailer will also be implementing this biometrics-based solution as it expands to 100 stores in China by 2017.


  • An alternative to cumbersome passwords for confirming positive employee identity.
  • Reliable, secure technology to improve time and attendance tracking.
  • A solution to enhance loss prevention and improve customer service.

Crossmatch Products

  • POS system enabled with Crossmatch embedded fingerprint technology

“Biometrics has helped us improve customer service levels
and stay below our one percent loss prevention standard.”

Sky Shen
Senior IT Consultant
New Look

Lower loss prevention rate, more efficient processes and improved customer service lead the way

New Look vastly improved its time and attendance tracking by abandoning password-based authentication in favor of Crossmatch fingerprint technology. In addition, calls to New Look’s IT department for password resets have been reduced — freeing up IT staff to focus on more critical business needs.

The retailer’s customer service has also improved. Since New Look employees no longer have to remember passwords to log onto a POS system or call for password resets, customer check-out has become more efficient.

In addition, the Crossmatch biometrics-based solution has helped New Look keep its loss prevention low. With management overrides now confirmed using fingerprints, New Look has been able to stay below its loss prevention standard.

“If the loss prevention rate is more than one percent, the store manager is held accountable,” said Sky Shen, senior IT consultant at New Look. “So far, the loss prevention rate has been kept lower than one percent, which we attribute to the policy that only managers can authorize refunds, discounts and overrides, and they must use fingerprints to do so.”

New Look hopes to attract more franchise owners and open more stores as part of its expansion plans in China. The retailer expects its use of biometrics to confirm the positive identity of employees to be a selling point with potential franchisees. It is also considering recommending deployment of Crossmatch fingerprint technology at its UK headquarters.


  • Reduced Fraud: Time and attendance tracking is more accurate since employees confirm positive identity using fingerprints—which cannot be shared or misplaced.
  • Improved Service: Customers enjoy more efficient service because employees no longer have to remember and key in long passwords to access POS terminals.
  • Lowered Loss Rate: New Look’s loss prevention rate is kept low by requiring management to authorize overrides using their fingerprints.

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