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Download Wendy's Restaurant Point of Sale Fingerprint Biometrics Case Study
Crate & Barrel Point of Sale Fingerprint Biometrics Solution
Banco Azteca Biometric Authentication Solution
US Department of Homeland Security Biometric Identity Solution
Download Washington County Arkansas Multi-Factor Authentication Case Study
Ministry of Defence Biometric Identity Solution
Move past the limitations of traditional 2FA and MFA

Move past the limitations of traditional 2FA and MFA

See how DigitalPersona Composite Authentication is changing the digital landscape within these industries:

Law Enforcement

Discover the power of assured identity

Discover the power of assured identity

Explore Crossmatch biometric-based solutions with unparalleled, industry-leading technologies:

Border Management
Migrant Security
Criminal Enrollment
Mobile for Law Enforcement

Stop fraud and theft at the point-of-sale

Stop fraud and theft at the point-of-sale

Discover biometric-based solutions for end-users and integrators tailored to the retail/restaurant industry:

Solutions for Retail
Commercial Hardware

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NYS DFS Compliance Equifax Breach
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The NY State Cybersecurity Rule: Does It Go Far Enough to Prevent a Future Equifax-Type Breach?

By Jonathan Sigel

The recent Equifax breach, announced on September 7, exposed as many as 143 million customers —including names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card accounts—with an attack spanning from May through July 2017.

The company has been soundly criticized not only for the technical holes that allowed the breach, but also for their handling of the situation…