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Crossmatch Introduces NOMAD™ Line of Mobile-Friendly Biometric Fingerprint Modules and Readers

Crossmatch®, a globally-recognized leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions, introduced Nomad™, its latest line of biometric fingerprint modules and readers, at this week’s connect:ID Conference and Expo in Washington, DC.

Designed with mobility in mind, the Nomad line utilizes capacitive thin film transistor (TFT) technology to enable space-saving, lightweight modules and pocket-sized compact readers.

“Today’s highly mobile world demands identity products and solutions that are able to address the inherent use case and environmental challenges,” said John Hinmon, vice president of global marketing for Crossmatch. “With the introduction of the Nomad line, we are delivering enhanced portability and true mobility for certified identity solutions.”

Nomad fingerprint modules are extremely compact, impervious to sunlight and offered in a range of FAP levels, making them ideal for integration into smart devices such as tablets and purpose-built handhelds. The Nomad USB readers’ low profile and lightweight design is ideally suited to jump kit applications requiring Appendix F certification. And the Nomad wireless reader cuts the cord for a truly mobile ten fingerprint livescan acquisition capability using the FBI’s required 4-4-2 capture methodology.

Availability of Nomad pre-production samples begins this July with the FAP level 30 and 60 modules, with other FAP sizes to follow. Nomad readers rollout this October, beginning with the FAP 60 wireless reader.

Nomad represents the continued innovation and development of biometric technology and solutions from Crossmatch that solve today’s mobile identity management use case challenges.

To learn more about the rollout of the Nomad product line, visit Crossmatch at booth# 201 during this week’s connect:ID Conference in Washington, DC.

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