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Biometric Identity Management Software

Proven civil enrollment and criminal booking solutions

Reliable criminal booking and civil enrollment

As the leading provider of livescan acquisition systems, Crossmatch technology is trusted around the world. Organizations depend on us for some of the most critical identity applications, including national security, criminal justice, citizen services, corporate applicant background screening and program enrollment.

Fully certified solutions that meet or exceed industry standards

Certification with local, state, federal, and private entities are a major effort within the Crossmatch organization. Our technical professionals work tirelessly to ensure that our solutions continue to match changing standards within your industry.


Whatever your required biometric modality

Intuitive and easy to use UX

The last thing you want is a cumbersome application or one that doesn’t quite fit your use case. At Crossmatch we have years of experience in criminal and civil enrollment processing. We understand your unique requirements, especially your need for input configuration and workflow flexibility. Our automated quality verification and image capture expedites biometric collection, which saves time, reduces training requirements and enhances operator safety.

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Ensure security and privacy of personally identifiable information (PII)

Crossmatch enrollment solutions are designed to address today’s data security and privacy concerns. They enhance PII protection with a cloud-based architecture* that utilizes a secure central server to interface with remote enrollment stations. This approach not only simplifies implementation and application administration, but keeps PII off remote enrollment workstations and terminals.
*WEBS Enrollment, LSMS utilizing WEBS Store and Forward

It’s a big world – so go multilingual

Crossmatch knows that each customer is unique and that application requirements vary. That’s why we don’t settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. Our MOBS enrollment application supports multiple languages to fulfill your criminal booking or civil enrollment requirements.


Livescan Management Software (LSMS)

LSMS provides efficient, standards-based criminal and civil enrollment capabilities to a wide range of law enforcement and governmental agencies, as well as commercial enterprises.

Web-enabled Biometric Software (WEBS)

As the first true web-enabled, browser-based biometric enrollment solution, WEBS defined civil and commercial enrollment in the cloud – providing an enhanced level of PII security and privacy.

Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS)

With its simplified icon-based interface, mobile-friendly design, configurable workflow and multilingual support, MOBS delivers streamlined criminal and civil enrollment regardless of fixed or mobile deployment.

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