Identity Management Software

Over 20 years of innovation in biometric identity and security software

Crossmatch builds software with a reputation for superior data quality and an intuitive user-experience. Meeting a full range of compliant use cases, our products are a natural fit for financial, healthcare, retail, commercial and government organizations around the world.



Eliminate the dependency on people and go beyond multifactor authentication. DigitalPersona offers the highest level of security available on the market today.

enrollment booking biometric software
Identity Management

Enrollment and Booking

As the leading provider of livescan acquisition systems, Crossmatch technology is trusted around the world.

store forward identity software
Identity Management

Store and Forward

Efficient consolidation and management of biometric enrollment records, submissions and responses.

identity management mobile software
Identity Management


Versatile mobile identity verification and enrollment software.

Single Finger Authentication SDK
Software Development Kit

Single Finger Authentication

Biometric identity SDK for multiple operating system platforms.

Software Development Kit

L Scan Master

Biometric identity middleware.