Two Finger Readers

Biometric Hardware

Fast, accurate and reliable two fingerprint capture for identification, verification and enrollment applications

Reliable two fingerprint and rolled fingerprint capture

Whether you’re meeting local banking regulations for customer transaction verification, performing rapid identification checks or enrolling individuals into a program, our two fingerprint and rolled fingerprint readers are easy to integrate and use.

Meets your use case certification requirements

Meets FBI Appendix F IQS and Mobile ID FAP 45 certifications for your desktop or portable use case needs.

Shed the weight. Portability without compromise.

With several models to choose from, our capacitive thin film transistor (TFT) readers offer a compact, low profile design that integrates easily into a jumpkit for transport into the field, providing assured identity or enrollment capabilities where and when you require.

Looking to cut the cord completely and go 100% mobile?
> Explore the NOMAD 60 Wireless Reader

Typical use cases include:

Travel and identity document issuance

Border and immigration processing

Financial services (KYC/AML)

Courtroom identification

Rapid identification

Voter registration

Social program enrollment

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Compact, portable LES TFT reader for FAP 45 two fingerprint and rolled fingerprint capture.

FBI Appendix F certified.

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