Portable Jumpkits

Biometric Hardware

We have been configuring sophisticated identity management jumpkits for years. Serving the needs of the military, civilian governments, NGOs and enterprise alike, a custom-configured portable kit utilizing COTS Crossmatch components is a quick and easy way to architect your enrollment or verification solution without sacrificing performance.

Ruggedized and customizable configurations for your unique deployment

Highly configurable jumpkits to meet your deployment needs

Portability that can go the distance

Get all the advantages of Crossmatch identity management solution components in a compact, easily portable configuration designed to meet your specific requirements. Ruggedized component options are available for more challenging environments.

Configuration as easy as 1, 2, 3

One of our experienced biometric identity management professionals will listen to your use case requirements and provide the appropriate options. In most cases we can configure the solution from 100% COTS products, saving you time and money.

Which portable jumpkit meets your unique requirements?

Select one that meets your enrollment or verification needs, complies with appropriate industry standards and government regulations, and supports your operational and deployment requirements.

standard jumpkit

Standard Livescan Jumpkit

Compact Multimodal
Biometric Enrollment

A popular jumpkit ideal for FBI Appendix F compliant livescan enrollment, utilizing our versatile Guardian 200 ten-print device with MOBS software. Optional certified peripherals, such as mugshot camera for in-field versatility. Also available with L Scan palm print scanner.

Ruggedized Guardian Livescan Portable Biometric Jumpkit

Ruggedized Livescan Jumpkit

Multimodal Biometric
Enrollment Solution

All the features of our popular livescan jumpkit but with a ruggedized Guardian R ten-print scanner and durable laptop.

nomad jumpkit

NOMAD Livescan Jumpkit

High performing portability on a diet. A capacitive TFT NOMAD USB Reader (FAP 60) supporting full FBI Appendix F livescan ten print submissions and a low profile tablet—all in a highly portable, low profile jumpkit.

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