Enrollment / Booking Stations

Biometric Hardware

Versatile and rugged livescan enrollment and booking stations for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment applications

Criminal booking and enrollment station cabinets

Criminal booking environments demand solutions that can face the challenge of a high-pressure environment. That’s why our booking station cabinets are designed and purpose-built with toughness in mind. Made from heavy duty steel, with secure computer storage, foot pedal options and many other ruggedized features, Crossmatch cabinets protect your technology investments without impeding the enrollment/booking process.

Purpose-built models protect your technology investment

The Universal Cabinet is available as a fixed height unit, while our Adjustable Height Cabinet features an electrically adjustable height capability. Both cabinets offer secure technology storage, provide for a range of enrollment accessory integration and facilitate the biometric and biographic acquisition process during criminal booking.


Integrated monitor with optional ruggedized enclosure

The system includes an integrated flat-screen monitor with optional touch screen functionality. The large monitor conveniently adjusts for optimal viewing and displays captured fingerprints in full resolution. Different monitor options are available, including a touch screen and a ruggedized enclosure.


Seamlessly accepts leading livescan technology

L Scan 500 and 1000 palm print and Guardian 100, 200 and module tenprint livescan devices easily mount in both the universal cabinet and the adjustable height cabinet.

Designed for peripheral integration

Crossmatch booking stations allow for easy integration of peripherals, such as mug shot cameras (video or still), signature capture pads, barcode scanners, document readers and additional input devices. Foot switch controls are conveniently located at the front of the cabinet – further simplifying the acquisition process.

booking with camera
adjustable cabinet

Adjustable Height Cabinet

Designed with law enforcement in mind, the Adjustable Height Cabinet addresses the need for improved ergonomics, added flexibility and an expanded feature set. Through thoughtful design, the cabinet helps to streamline the criminal booking process and enhance officer safety.

universal cabinet

Universal Cabinet

The Universal Cabinet’s user control elements are arranged ergonomically to make the booking process as easy and safe as possible. The workspace surrounding the scanner provides an additional area for placing documents or connecting additional input devices, such as signature capture devices. Foot switch controls are conveniently located at both front corners.