Biometric Hardware

Unrivaled image quality. Unmatched capture speed.

Trusted performance where it matters most. Our innovative biometric fingerprint and tenprint hardware combines benchmark image quality with enhanced matching performance for identity management use cases everywhere.

palm print livescan
Fingerprint Readers

Palm Print Livescan

Compact, high-resolution, tenprint and palm print livescan for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment applications

tenprint livescan
Fingerprint Readers

Tenprint Livescan

Industry-leading tenprint livescan capture for ultimate performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements.

two fingerprint nomad
Fingerprint Readers

Two Finger Readers

Fast, accurate and reliable two fingerprint capture for identification, verification and enrollment applications.

single fingerprint reader
Fingerprint Readers

Single Fingerprint Readers

A selection of optical and silicon single finger readers to meet a broad range of applications and use cases.

Fingerprint Readers

Enrollment / Booking Stations

Versatile and rugged livescan enrollment and booking stations for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment applications.

tenprint modules
Fingerprint Modules

Tenprint Fingerprint Readers and Modules

Rapid optical ten-print optical capture with unparalleled image quality.

single finger modules
Fingerprint Modules

Single Fingerprint Modules

A portfolio of optical and silicon modules to meet a range of applications.

Mobile Fingerprint Readers
Mobile / Portable


Versatile biometric handhelds for truly mobile applications.

portable biometric jumpkits
Mobile / Portable

Portable Jumpkits

Ruggedized and customizable configurations for your unique deployment.

commercial biometric hardware

Commercial Hardware

A complete range of commercial fingerprint readers and modules.