Mobile ID for Law Enforcement

Biometric Identity Solution

Flexible, rapid Mobile ID and identity verification solutions for law enforcement

The Challenge

In an ideal world all law enforcement agencies would have the front-line capabilities that rapid Mobile ID provides. Knowing who you are dealing with is fundamental to the mission and to officer safety. However, the reality is that IT resources are stretched, device proliferation is a burden and budgetary constraints delay or cancel many projects.

The Solution: Mobile ID Reimagined

Crossmatch has reimagined rapid Mobile ID utilizing the latest in TFT fingerprint reader technology and packaged it in a compact handheld portfolio.

Leveraging a smart device-based application, the FAP 30 PIV fingerprint reader easily connects via the USB port to process identity checks or provide irrefutable proof-of-presence and acceptance for a wide range of in-field use cases.

Highly Mobile

Compact wireless handheld kit not impacted by sunlight is easily carried or placed in jacket pocket.

Easy to Use

Simple, safe one-handed use. Clear and easy to follow UI. Auto capture ensures error-free prints.


Supports apps such as eCitation. APIs enable integration of fingerprint reader for proof-of-presence.


Use our smart device or leverage own phone, tablet or laptop based on operating procedures.


Affordable TFT fingerprint technology that won’t become obsolete when phone designs change.


Capacitive Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) fingerprint reader is PIV FAP 30 Mobile compliant.

Thoughtful design ensures safety and ease of use

A thoughtfully designed portfolio secures a NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader fingerprint device in a compact, simple to use handheld kit that is safely operated with a single-hand. An elastic carry/hand strap avoids accidental drops and provides stability during fingerprinting.

Mobile ID solution
Biometrics Mobile Identification

Your device or ours – Our app or yours

Using your own or a Crossmatch supplied smart device, automatically send and receive criminal history data utilizing our ArcID Mobile ID app. Or pair with third-party software apps to expedite eCitation submissions to local traffic court for further disposition, confirm acceptance of a warrant, and much more.

Protect your investment from changing mobile phone designs

Unlike other solutions that are built around a specific model of cellular phone, the Crossmatch solution to Mobile ID won’t be obsolete when phone manufacturers change models and form factors every two years. A NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader plugs into any micro USB port and the ArcID Mobile application runs on any Windows, Android or Linux device.

Mobile Identification Fingerprint Software

Ideal for a range of mobile rapid identification and verification use cases:

Traffic stops

Traffic stops

Lost or no credential identity validation

Lost or no credential identity validation

Book and release

Book and release

Accident / crime scene victim ID

Accident / crime scene victim ID

eCitation issuance

eCitation issuance

Serving of warrants

Serving of warrants

Sex offender registry confirmations

Sex offender registry confirmations

Probation meeting check-in/confirmation

Probation meeting check-in/confirmation

Featured Customer Solution

The UK’s Metropolitan Police Service reimagined
mobile identification with INK Biometrics (Identity Not Known)

The solution scans suspects’ fingerprints and matches to existing police databases within 60 seconds, allowing faster apprehension of wanted offenders and enhanced productivity by eliminating need to return to base. Similar technology has been used by the Met and other forces since 2012, but this new approach is more economical.

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