Mobile for Law Enforcement

Biometric Identity Solution

Easy to use mobile solutions that make compliance simple

The Challenge

In an ideal world, every law enforcement agency would like to have the powerful front-line capabilities that mobile identification provides. But the reality is that existing infrastructure (or lack thereof), insufficient communications capabilities and minimal technical resources prevent many agencies from implementing mobile solutions. If a solution isn’t configurable or flexible enough to work across multiple environments or is difficult to maintain, agencies may experience compromised security and reduced functionality—which are basic requirements for a successful mobile program. And even the most sophisticated solution is ineffective if end-users struggle to understand its interface and incorporate it into their processes.

The Solution

Is your existing program a challenge? Are your mobile programs and systems outdated? Are you foregoing critical mobile capabilities because of barriers to deployment? Crossmatch can help. As a trusted provider of mobile identification and enrollment solutions, we can deliver a high quality turnkey solution for your mobile program. Our deep expertise in identity management means expert support for your specific deployment—and the end of implementation nightmares.

Here’s how we can change what you expect from a mobile solution:

Capture high quality images with highly configurable hardware.

All-in-One, tethered or wireless capture devices allow for a hardware configuration that best suits your environment.

Maximize efficiency with easy-to-use software.

Configure our application software to fit your specific agency’s needs, and count on power that can support even the most demanding transactions.

Make administration and management functionality more powerful.

Our optional transaction management and device and user management applications provide a broad range of features to manage processes, transactions, devices and data security. Every step of the mobile capture process can be firmly within administrative reach.

Comply with standards — every time.

Configurable applications meet the unique needs of your organization and provide an enhanced user experience, while ensuring all data requirements and biometrics standards are met.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

The Crossmatch biometric mobile solution for law enforcement offers a range of components to suit your specific needs. If you’re looking for true mobility and portability, look no further than our new Nomad line of handheld wireless and tethered fingerprint capture devices. Also available are convenient all-in-one handhelds and multimodal biometric capture with our Verifier and SEEK product lines. Whatever hardware you choose, our ArcID mobile applications provide configurable workflows and a centralized, easy-to-use interface, enabling administration of devices, users and software. ArcID also provides efficient transaction management and process auditability functionality with its Store and Forward module. And the entire solution can comply with security standards when integrated with our DigitalPersona Composite Authentication solution, providing full protection for your IT environment.

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