Criminal Livescan Enrollment

Biometric Identity Solution

High-quality capture devices, easy-to-use software, powerful management tools come together to deliver the industry leading criminal livescan booking system

Livescan Booking Challenges

Criminal booking facilities are faced with numerous issues related to their arrestee or detainee booking and biometric enrollment processes. These issues range from data input and user interface challenges, to low quality fingerprint/palm print image capture and disconnected processes and systems. This can result in dissatisfied system users, reprinting due to rejected prints, and duplicative data entry – all of which consume time, resources and patience. No small issue when every captured image could be the one that needs to match on a latent print.

Quality matters. Crossmatch can help.

As the industry leader in high-quality image capture devices, our systems are built around quality and efficiency to ensure the criminal booking process produces the best possible results with a method that is both productive and safe.

Our Criminal Livescan Enrollment solution wraps the core biometric and biographic capture capabilities with easy-to-use application software, multimodal biometrics and peripheral support, and transaction management.

Struggling with slow-to-capture hardware and print rejects? Still utilizing an ink-and-card process or have disconnected and unmanageable systems? We can help.

Key Benefits

Reduced print rejects.

Integrated image quality checking and patented auto capture function expedites capture process and dramatically reduces reprints.

Improved match performance.

Industry leading tenprint and palm print scanners provide high quality images, enhancing match performance.

Single application supports all biometric collection.

No need for multiple applications to capture range of biometric modes, including finger, palm, iris and face.

Enhanced organizational efficiency and data accuracy.

Optional integration with data management systems ensure data synchronization and reduce data entry.

Simplified and centralized administration and management tools.

Optional transaction management application centrally manages submission/response policies and data security.

Standards compliance with every record.

Configurable applications meet the unique needs of your organization and provide an enhanced user experience while ensuring all data requirements and biometrics standards are met.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

Our criminal livescan enrollment solution is a complete and highly configurable solution with a range of optional features and supported peripherals. It typically includes L Scan palm print and Guardian tenprint scanners for unrivaled capture quality and easy-to-use standards-compliant ArcID, MOBS or LSMS application software. We offer fast, secure and compliant logins with DigitalPersona Composite Authentication.

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