Courtroom Identification

Biometric Identity Solution

High-quality digital fingerprint capture combined with rapid criminal history search results that help court organizations work efficiently and accurately

A Common Courtroom Challenge

Court organizations have a responsibility to ensure that the correct individuals appear in the courtroom, but most rely on superficial methods of identification. This creates an identity gap in the justice system and allows documentation errors from earlier stages of the process to persist. Some courts also require a fingerprint on disposition or sentencing documents, and traditional ink-based methods are time-consuming and too low-quality to match with other biometric records. These inefficiencies pile up—and can lead to erroneous records, undisposed charges, or improperly documented arrest events.

Identity matters. Crossmatch can help.

Our solution brings efficiency and accuracy to courtroom operations through digital fingerprint capture and ultimately establishes positive identity of defendants at court appearances.

Using Crossmatch quality tenprint and palm print devices, the highest resolution imagery is recorded on the disposition report or sentencing order. Working together with our software, an individual is definitively matched back to case management systems and criminal history data repositories.

We provide the right mix of technology and system integration to achieve the efficiency and data quality objectives of any court organization.

Key Benefits

Capture the highest quality fingerprints.

Crossmatch biometric capture hardware is the strong foundation of our courtroom identification solution. High-quality prints ensure usability and matchability.

Establish a positive identity.

Courtroom identification facilitates rapid fingerprint-based criminal history search results. This generates a positive identity for defendants in the courtroom — and valuable assurance that they were the arrested parties and were fingerprinted at arrest.

Create a continuum of data.

The synchronization of key criminal history data between law enforcement data repositories and court case management systems eliminates inefficiencies and allows courts to verify their person identifiers, arrest event information and biographic information quickly and easily.

Implement best practices.

Our solution makes biometric verification mandatory, closing the courtroom identity gap and ensuring that best practices are the only practices. They also provide a high-quality, fully matchable print to affix to disposition and sentencing documents.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

Our courtroom identification solution provides the right mix of technology and system integration to achieve the efficiency and data quality objectives of any court organization. Its configuration varies based on organizational requirements, but typically consists of high quality Guardian tenprint scanners or U.are.U single finger scanners, easy-to-use, standards compliant ArcID application software, configurable workflows and case management integration, and transaction management and process auditability with ArcID Store and Forward.

Featured on, see how Crossmatch’s in-court biometric identification solution helped one state’s Superior Court System

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