Fingerprint Biometrics for Retail and Hospitality

Commercial Biometric Identity Solution

Gain control over your point-of-sale (POS) environment with fingerprint biometrics. Combat employee theft and fraud while improving auditability and manager accountability.

Attacking fraud and theft at the POS

Employee theft accounts for the highest percentage of retail shrink in North America — more than the percentage of theft from traditional shoplifters or outside organized retail criminals.

A widely under-addressed vulnerability to theft is the point-of-sale (POS). Traditional security methods used to log in — passwords, PINs, swipe cards and keys — can be easily shared. It is difficult to determine who is accessing the POS system and responsible for specific transactions.

Challenges for the retail and hospitality industries at the point-of-sale

time fraud

Time & Attendance Fraud
Tardy arrivals, buddy punching, lollygagging, extended breaks and early departures

inventory shrink

Inventory Shrink
Unauthorized voids, refunds, returns, discounts and fraudulent gift card transactions

IT costs

IT Costs
Provisioning and replacing cards/tokens, and issuing password resets


of all biometric-enabled POS terminals
utilize our fingerprint capture technology

The solution is fingerprint biometrics

Crossmatch is a leading provider of biometric solutions for POS OEMs. Our U.are.U fingerprint readers have become trusted names in the global retail and hospitality industry because of the advantages they bring to the POS. In many cases, customers even see ROI within the first 4 weeks of deployment.

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Key Benefits

Eliminate time and attendance fraud.

By requiring employees to scan their fingerprint to clock-in, buddy punching is eliminated.

Promote accountability.

Simply knowing that your fingerprint is tied to a transaction deters stealing, fraudulent returns, etc.

Reduce manager override fraud.

Only authorized individuals can process voids, refunds and other exceptions, which eliminates sharing of credentials.

Speed transaction time.

A swift touch of the fingerprint reader and employees are ready to perform POS transactions. Increased productivity means happier customers.

Reduce operational expenses.

Save money by not having to replace lost keys and swipe cards or having to reset passwords and PINs.

Simplify compliance.

Easily meet PCI strong authentication requirements.

Integration is a snap

Integrating Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics is easier than you think. Most POS providers already have Crossmatch biometric support built into their software, and the cost savings that typically follow deployment mean that our biometric solutions effectively begin to pay for themselves.

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