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Streamline processes, enhance security, and track and manage the flow of individuals at border crossings

The Challenge

The threat environment on today’s borders is more complex than ever before, and biographic border management systems — the standby for most countries — are no longer sufficient. Migrants, criminals and terrorists are constantly looking for new ways to circumvent or defeat biographic systems, and they frequently succeed. To add to the problem, biographic information is notoriously prone to errors. Misspellings, swapped first and last names, varying date of birth formats and incorrect formatting of data fields are all too common. Whether deliberate or unintentional, these errors can render biographic border management systems ineffective.

The Solution

Biometrics is the answer to the shortcomings of biographic border management, allowing border officials to rapidly confirm a subject’s true identity — even if it differs from the information they provide. Impostors, dual nationals and twins can all be easily identified by a biometric system. Furthermore, biometric information cannot be easily mis-entered, altered or forged, negating the data quality issues commonly associated with biographic information.

Crossmatch provides solutions that are the gold standard of biometric identity management, accomplishing key objectives to help keep borders safer:

Stay ahead of the threat.

Migrants, criminals and terrorists constantly change their tactics to avoid identification by border authorities. The use of biometrics reveals a subject’s true identity — period.

Identify unknown perpetrators.

Only a biometric system can accurately link suspects to latent fingerprints and uncover potential criminal history, which is a significant advantage to international law enforcement efforts.

Solve the dual national problem.

Dual nationals present a significant challenge to traditional biographic systems. Using biometrics as the common baseline for identity allows border targeting systems to associate separate identities with the same person.

Expand your reach.

With Crossmatch’s interoperable biometric systems, border agencies can tap into the holdings of INTERPOL and other international information sharing systems, expanding their ability to identify and interdict persons of interest.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

Offering a range of fixed, portable and mobile biometric collection options, Crossmatch ensures that high quality images and varying operational deployment scenarios aren’t mutually exclusive propositions. Our biometric capture hardware operates seamlessly within our enrollment software applications and the modular ArcID software platform, allowing for ultimate configurability and ease-of-use.

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