Tenprint Livescan

Industry-leading tenprint livescan capture for ultimate performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements.

The biometric industry leader in tenprint livescan

As the leading provider of ten fingerprint livescan acquisition hardware, we have supported identity management deployments around the world. Customers utilize innovative Crossmatch hardware in some of the most critical identity applications, including national security, law enforcement, citizen services, migrant assistance and refugee management. But we don’t just provide quality hardware—we provide the assurance that comes with decades of subject matter expertise.

A reputation for reliability, ease of use and the highest quality image capture

Today, the most visible component of the US-VISIT (OBIM) program for foreign visitors is the more than 4,000 Crossmatch Guardian® tenprint fingerprint scanners in use at nearly 300 ports of entry (POEs) at land, sea and air borders. After years of operation, the program is viewed by many countries as the “gold standard” for biometric-based verification and analysis.

Only Crossmatch tenprint scanners offer both moisture discriminating optics and silicone pads

These features allow for easier capture of subjects that have either wetter or dryer skin than normal, whether from natural or environmental causes, ultimately allowing for higher throughput and better back-end matching.

Livescan Tenprint Biometric Management Software

Robust SDK and middleware packages

With a sophisticated rolling algorithm, optional presentation attack detection (PAD), segmentation, sequence check, compression, quality check and much more.

guardian ten print scanner


Trusted performance when it matters most

The industry leader in tenprint livescan capture – providing performance, reliability and flexibility. Offered in a range of models to meet specific application requirements.

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Patrol ID Ten-print Livescan

Patrol ID

Economy without sacrifice

An economical approach to certified tenprint acquisition without sacrificing image quality. Quickly captures ID flats for background checks and identity validation programs.

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Portability without compromise

Extremely compact, low profile tenprint scanner designed with portability in mind. Ideal for applications requiring fully certified collection of four fingers simultaneously, such as ID flats and rolls.

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