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Composite Authentication Security Solution

Multifactor authentication security for complex retail IT environments meeting the highest standards of PCI compliance

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What’s driving IT security in the retail space?

Protecting consumer information

Retailers maintain a range of sensitive customer information from credit card and payment details to personal identity information. Securing the Card Data Environment (CDE) is priority for businesses and also to meet PCI-DSS requirements.

Simplifying access for employees and consumers

Compromised credentials, ransomware and malware are daily threats in retail. Whether it’s an employee logging into POS terminal or a customer accessing order information, authentication should be fast and secure.

Securing data across diverse systems

The retail IT environment includes a mixture of systems, legacy green screens, web, cloud and mobile applications. Data is stored on-premise, off premise and in the cloud.

DigitalPersona secures sensitive data and protects all endpoint access from the corporate office to retail locations.

Key benefits for retail organizations

Rapid adaptability
Deploy in days with little to no disruption to your organization. With DigitalPersona's native Microsoft integration for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures, IT can leverage their existing knowledge and simplify ongoing support.

End user convenience and protection
Strong authentication via behavioral, biometric (fingerprint or face) and other factor types provides retailers and customers with enhanced security and peace of mind. In addition, customers can easily authenticate via mobile device with push token one-time password capability. By eliminating user reliance on passwords, security protocols are simplified.

Complete coverage from retail HQ to store locations
Protect access to workstations, cloud/SaaS applications, Office365, VPN, Unix/Linux, mainframe and at the point-of-sale. Addressing multifactor authentication requirements for PCI-DSS is made simple thanks to DigitalPersona's wide array of factors.

Address authentication requirements for regulatory and mandate compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) Compliance
A information security standard for organizations that handle credit cards protecting both consumers and retailers from data breach.

FIDO Compliance
Open and scalable standards for simpler and more secure user authentication.

Integrations make it easy to protect and provide seamless access to these cloud-based services

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