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DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

Providing identity assurance solutions for healthcare organizations

The Challenge

Healthcare is now the most attacked vertical. Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) routinely fetch more on the darknet than credit card records or social security/citizen numbers. A growing compliance regimen for HIPPA, e-Prescribe initiatives and internal regulations also complicates the challenge of IT professionals. More than ever, healthcare data needs to be protected by ironclad security, but friction with the healthcare users who desire quick, easy access to patient data needs to be considered.

The Solution

Healthcare organizations need an authentication solution that balances security with ease-of-use. Healthcare workers in high-pressure environments don’t need to struggle through complex protocols to access patient records. Since they tend to share terminals (making password sharing a tempting proposition), providing easy, secure access for multiple users is key. On the other side of the desk, healthcare portals provide a convenient, web-based way for patients to access their information, schedule appointments and view lab results from anywhere in the world.

healthcare authentication

Crossmatch provides solutions that are the gold standard of composite authentication, accomplishing key objectives to help healthcare organizations:

Close every gap.

In addition to traditional authentication methods, Crossmatch offers authentication for the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behavior. There is an authentication factor for any user or use case.

Provide complete coverage.

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication supports ALL your applications, including web, cloud, Windows, mobile, VDI, VPN and more. Even traditional/legacy applications are supported.

Human-proof your IT.

Crossmatch can help eliminate both the reliance and burden on users to generate passwords. We take the passwords away and replace them with something equally convenient yet much more secure.

Rapidly adapt to your environment.

Leverage your existing IT infrastructure and deploy more quickly than other solutions in the market today.

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication empowers healthcare organizations to accomplish two goals that have been mutually exclusive in the past: providing convenience for users demanding quick access from a variety of endpoints, and ensuring security for systems that are frequently targeted by cyberattacks.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

DigitalPersona meets the needs of healthcare organizations by providing authentication that is both convenient and secure enough to withstand aggressive cyberattacks. Without vulnerable static passwords or complex authentication policies, users can adhere to secure policies without a significant time burden. And when security is easy, so is compliance. DigitalPersona can be rapidly deployed and integrates easily with a variety of systems and peripherals, delivering secure access across legacy, Windows, cloud and mobile applications.

Healthcare organizations can expect complete coverage for all of their applications, networks and systems—without draining IT and budgetary resources. And with a wide range of authentication factors, IT can match the level of protection to the security required, making the diversity of users in this vertical a non-issue. Healthcare organizations seek patient-centered outcomes. DigitalPersona aligns people, process and technology to make patient data quickly available to the right people—and that can make all the difference.

healthcare authentication

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