Authentication Solutions for Casinos and Gaming

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication

Providing identity assurance solutions for gaming organizations

The Challenge

Gaming is a hyper-competitive industry. Attracting patrons to the casino and keeping them coming back with enticing rewards programs can give casinos a competitive advantage. But if lost or stolen rewards cards are being used to enrich unauthorized users at the expense of legitimate ones, rewards programs fail and the profitability of the gaming organization can be put at risk.

The Solution

Gaming organizations need to provide a positive experience for their patrons by strengthening user access to their rewards accounts. This means providing a wide array of strong authentication methods for online access that go beyond simple static passwords. And with “proof of presence” increasingly becoming a requirement for cashing out benefits, easy integration with biometric capture hardware is a must-have capability for any gaming solution.

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Crossmatch provides solutions that are the gold standard of composite authentication, accomplishing key objectives to help casinos and gaming organizations:

Close every gap.

In addition to traditional authentication methods, Crossmatch offers authentication for the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behavior. There is an authentication factor for any user or use case.

Provide complete coverage.

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication supports ALL your applications, including web, cloud, Windows, mobile, VDI, VPN and more. Even traditional/legacy applications are supported.

Human-proof your IT.

Crossmatch can help eliminate both the reliance and burden on users to generate passwords. We take the passwords away and replace them with something equally convenient yet much more secure.

Rapidly adapt to your environment.

Leverage your existing IT infrastructure and deploy more quickly than other solutions in the market today.

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication empowers gaming organizations to provide secure, convenient patron access to rewards programs. It also ensures that only authorized users are accessing sensitive back-end systems that give the organization a competitive advantage in the industry.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

DigitalPersona isn’t just about enabling secure access and covering system endpoints, although Composite Authentication accomplishes these objectives more effectively than any other strong authentication solution on the market. It’s about convenience. It’s about eliminating fallible human-generated passwords and providing a solution that makes access quicker and easier for people who demand quick and easy. In a space where the player is undoubtedly king, DigitalPersona provides a frictionless experience that also happens to keep rewards dollars safe. DigitalPersona can also differentiate between employees and customers with ease—ensuring the safety of sensitive information and back-end systems.

DigitalPersona can be biometrically enabled with ease, making it a smart choice for integration with fingerprint verification at cash-out. And with support for secure access across legacy, Windows, cloud and mobile applications, DigitalPersona is designed to suit your specific needs. Keep players happy and continue to enjoy a competitive edge with DigitalPersona.

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