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Biometric Identity Case Study

Criminal enrollment and booking with fast capture and integration into government databases

Uk Home Office biometric identity livescan solution



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million fingerprint searches monthly

An overview of the UK Home Office

The UK Home Office is the lead government department for police, crime and counter-terrorism. The Home Office along with its technology partner, Northrup Grumman, engaged Crossmatch to provide biometrics support to transition from a traditional ink-and-paper method of fingerprinting into a completely electronic solution. After acquiring technical requirements, Crossmatch built a solution for criminal enrollment and rapid identification.

The new solution saves time, produces more reliable matches and eliminates the requirement to store paper fingerprint cards. It also leverages data in government databases to pre-populate biographic information such as name, date of birth and national ID number into criminal records.

Criminal enrollment with kiosks and palm print scanners

For criminal enrollments, Crossmatch provided a kiosk which includes a PC, monitor, software and its best-in-class L Scan palm scanners. These versatile scanners allow for capture of standard ten print enrollments using both flats and rolls. The scanners also provide for the capture of palm images which are critical for matching against latent images found at crime scenes.

The palm scanners capture, store and transmit information through a custom software solution created specifically for the UK Home Office. Using the Home Office’s unique database submission format, Crossmatch created a platform called “Enrollment Centre” to meet the system’s requirements. The software is fully integrated with the government’s biographic holdings, allowing for pre-population of data from verified non-police sources.

The Crossmatch enrollment kiosks are deployed in over 370 police stations throughout England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The kiosks are in constant use, handling over 2,500 enrollments per day and 3.3 million fingerprint searches every month.

The UK Home Office is commencing a technology refresh. Due to their success with the Crossmatch solution, they plan to upgrade to Crossmatch palm scanners that include 1,000 pixel-per-inch functionality – a level of detail which will enable even higher automated match rates for palm images in the future.


  • Replacement for traditional ink and paper fingerprinting
  • Rapid identification – in the field and in the police station
  • Criminal booking solution that integrates with government databases

Crossmatch Products

  • L Scan® Palm Scanners
  • Store and Forward for Electronic Fingerprint Transmission (EFT)

Simplifying procedures with a versatile identification solution

Crossmatch created a system designed to simplify the procedure of determining whether a suspect should be kept in custody. The system uses an easily captured fingerprint image to quickly query the criminal database for any relevant records.

Of course, not all police work is done behind a desk or at a police station. For work in the field, Crossmatch provided a Jump Kit which replicates the functionality of a booking kiosk for mobile deployments. Using the Crossmatch L Scan palm scanner, law enforcement personnel can capture a full set of prints or merely query the database through a Live ID procedure anywhere in the country.

When fingerprint evidence is used in a court proceeding, the Crossmatch solution provides the ability to print a fingerprint card based on the information gleaned from the livescan criminal enrollment procedure. This also allows UK police agencies to share information with other government biometric holdings which are often in different formats.


  • Fast capture of fingerprint and palm images
  • 1,000 pixel-per-inch functionality for higher automated match rate
  • Leverages government database to pre- populate biographic data
  • Ability to print a fingerprint card for court proceedings

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