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Authentication Case Study

DigitalPersona® secure and convenient access with Active Directory integration

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

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An overview of Kawasaki Thermal Engineering

Kawasaki Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. (KTE) is a company within Kawasaki Heavy Industries. KTE was founded in 1896 and is committed to improving commercial environments with their absorption chillers and packaged boilers. KTE has a large number of mobile sales managers and engineers requiring access to the corporate network from their laptops. KTE implemented Crossmatch DigitalPersona strong, multi-factor authentication (MFA) software that supports their laptop’s built-in fingerprint readers to secure access with proof of presence.

Lost USB keys frustrate employees and keep IT busy

To access the KTE corporate network and applications, employees used a USB key and PIN. However, many sales and engineering employees are mobile and often forgot or lost their USB key, resulting in calls to the IT Department.

KTE needed a solution that provided secure access without being cumbersome for their mobile employees. They also needed a solution that integrated well with their Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure.

IC cards were considered, but they would require a card reader, adding to the cost and complexity of securing access. Also, the IC card was not compatible with KTE’s Active Directory infrastructure.

Upgrade to DigitalPersona MFA, no keys needed

KTE saw a demonstration of DigitalPersona MFA software at a tradeshow. They selected the DigitalPersona MFA solution to replace their current USB keys because it fully integrates with Active Directory and supports a wide range of fingerprint readers, including those embedded in laptops. With the DigitalPersona MFA solution, KTE employees no longer have to carry or worry about losing USB keys.

Fingerprint biometric authentication provides a fast and secure credential for employees logging onto KTE’s network and applications. With just the touch of a finger to the embedded reader, an employee’s identity is positively confirmed.


  • Secure access to network and applications without being cumbersome for mobile employees
  • Solution that fully integrates with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Elimination of calls to IT personnel for lost, stolen or forgotten USB keys

Crossmatch Products

  • DigitalPersona MFA software

“We have eliminated calls to our IT Department for lost or forgotten USB keys. The DigitalPersona solution has increased employee productivity, especially for our mobile workers.”

Tatsuya Kawashima
Group Leader

Easy Active Directory integration, secure and convenient authentication—happy users and IT personnel

Mobile KTE employees now have a secure and convenient authentication credential when accessing their network and applications. Furthermore, with 18 offices all over Japan, the integration with Active Directory allows IT personnel to remotely manage user credentials.

“The DigitalPersona solution has been a win-win for our mobile employees and IT personnel,” said Kawashima. “It is not often that you find a solution that increases security and is convenient to use.”

Human Technologies, the Crossmatch distributor that assisted KTE in deploying their multi-factor authentication solution, has worked with many enterprises to solve their network security challenges. “We represent and bring leading technology solutions to the Japanese market,” said Shinichiro Gemma, Manager at Human Technologies. “The DigitalPersona solution provides strong access security, supports a broad range of authentication credentials and is easy to use.”


  • Increased security: Strong proof-of-presence authentication from biometrics.
  • Improved employee productivity: Simple employee access to the network and applications through the use of fingerprint readers.
  • Reduced costs: Elimination of calls to the IT Department and costs for replacing lost or stolen USB keys.

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