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Fingerprint biometrics at the restaurant point of sale eliminates employee time theft and promotes transaction accountability

Hurricane Grill & Wings Fingerprint Biometrics at the point of sale

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An overview of Hurricane Grill & Wings

With over 55 restaurants across the nation, Hurricane Grill & Wings is a quickly expanding franchise. A Franchise Operating Partner for locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida selected Crossmatch’s fingerprint biometrics to eliminate employee time theft (buddy punching), provide efficiency in labor scheduling and offer transaction accountability for manager authorizations and voids. Ease-of-use and assured identity was key in the selection of fingerprint biometrics at the point of sale. Watch their customer story:

“Over the years, I’ve probably saved thousands of dollars…it’s a huge savings.”

Jack Kugel
Franchise Operating Partner
Hurricane Grill and Wings

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Calculate your estimated savings by implementing fingerprint biometrics

Employees can’t share credentials to buddy punch and managers must be present to approve voids, returns and discounts. See immediate cost savings with a full return on investment within just weeks of deployment. Discover how fast by using our retail ROI calculator.

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