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U.are.U® Fingerprint Readers at the point of sale minimizes loss due to shrinkage, provides proof-of-presence and improves service levels

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Streamlining and securing point of sale access at Fazoli’s

Fazoli’s is the leading quick-service Italian restaurant chain in the U.S., with 119 company-owned and 93 franchised locations in 26 states, employing 4,845 store associates. With so many locations and associates, corporate leadership was struggling to ensure that Fazoli’s high standards for service and efficiency were being upheld across all geographies. This was partly due to an old POS solution which wasn’t meeting their needs. These systems used an easily-shared PIN, an outdated and weak access control method. The effects of these POS shortcomings resulted in inefficient labor scheduling and higher-than-acceptable shrinkage. Fazoli’s chose Crossmatch biometrics to address these challenges.

Biometrics allows stores to hold employees accountable, ensuring that proper staffing levels are reliably met for each shift. As an added benefit, fingerprint biometrics supports fine-grained policies for cash drawer access and transaction overrides, with robust logging capabilities that let Fazoli’s know exactly who did what, when. With biometrics, no one can pretend to be somebody else.

PIN limitations mean impacted margins

Fazoli’s existing terminals relied on 4-digit PINs for access control. It was becoming increasingly clear that this was an insecure form of access control, since employees were able to use each other’s PINs to clock in and out. Due to PIN sharing, management struggled with an inaccurate picture of staff availability. Without knowing for sure that an adequate number of team members were present at each store, it was hard to ensure responsive customer service.

It was also too easy for employees to obtain manager credentials and perform unauthorized transactions, draining away hard-won profits. Against this backdrop of shrinkage, management was faced with an urgent need for stronger security safeguards in order to prevent unauthorized overrides and voids, as well as restrict access to the cash drawer.

As part of a store modernization project, IT decided to address these challenges by adopting a more modern, foolproof authentication method. After careful review, they selected Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics as their preferred solution because biometrics cannot be shared or stolen.

Why Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics are successful

Wayne Pederson, Executive IT Director at Fazoli’s, was responsible for the overall IT modernization project, including the implementation of biometrics at the POS. He saw favorable results with Crossmatch biometrics at previous companies, so he knew he could trust Crossmatch solutions to meet Fazoli’s needs. Crossmatch biometrics were already conveniently integrated into the new POS platform Fazoli’s selected and proved highly intuitive and easy to use. Employees only needed five minutes of training to become confident users of the biometric functionality.

“I was an early adopter of biometrics in retail and hospitality and chose Crossmatch for their reputation as innovators and for their excellent technical support. I consider them a de facto standard,” said Pederson.

The initial biometrics roll-out only included Fazoli’s corporate stores, but the results were so impressive that they’re implementing them at franchisee locations as well. Effortless training, fast access, and secure credentials are why the Crossmatch solution has been such a hit.


  • A more secure alternative to PIN-based POS terminals
  • A solution to help make labor scheduling more accurate and efficient
  • Better access control for the cash drawer and protection against unauthorized voids
    and overrides

Crossmatch Products

  • U.are.U® Fingerprint Readers embedded in POS terminals.

“Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics were a dream to implement and have provided consistency across locations, allowing us to better schedule labor and control access to the POS terminal.”

Wayne Pederson
Executive IT Director

Early ROI and implementation success

ROI after implementation came swiftly—35% of franchise stores who implemented the new functionality saw record sales within weeks of go-live. Across all stores, the payback period for investment in Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics was measured in weeks, not months. These compelling results followed a smooth implementation process which minimized costs associated with switching systems. Using fingerprint biometrics is quicker and more secure than Fazoli’s previous PIN-based system. With inbuilt authorization thresholds, shrinkage is also less of a concern.

Biometrics has made inaccurate time logs a thing of the past for Fazoli’s, thanks to the proof-of-presence that a fingerprint provides. Management at each location now knows exactly who’s clocked in, allowing them to guarantee that the right number of employees are available to maintain ideal service levels. The adoption of biometrics paid off handsomely for Fazoli’s allowing them to use their payroll dollars more efficiently, a core goal for every quick-service restaurant.

Pederson explained that, “Because our restaurants are spread across such a wide geography it was critical to find a solution that we could set and forget at each location. Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics were a dream to implement and have provided consistency across locations, allowing us to better schedule labor and control access to the POS terminal.“


  • Efficient use of payroll dollars: Since biometrics is used to clock in and out, labor scheduling is more efficient across all store locations.
  • Improved service levels: Associates are more likely to be present and can log in more quickly to help customers, which means better service.
  • Reduced loss due to shrinkage: Shrinkage due to unauthorized overrides and access to the cash drawer is prevented by secure authentication.

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