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Crossmatch® Reimagines Rapid Mobile ID with Launch of NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader

Crossmatch®, a globally-recognized leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions, today announced general availability of its NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader. The single fingerprint reader which has been previewed at recent industry events offers an innovative approach to efficient, effective and economical in-the-field identity assurance for government and commercial applications.

Crossmatch NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader for Rapid Mobile ID“Our product team reimagined how rapid mobile identification and verification could be achieved,” noted Don Sutton, public sector sales for Crossmatch. “Customer feedback was clear that weight, size and ease of use were critical factors, as were true single-handed use, ability to utilize existing computing/smart assets, mobile certification and overall solution economics.”

Traditional in-field solutions cobble together mobile phones and bulkier sensor technologies which aren’t ergonomically conducive to ease-of-use or quality print capture. That leads to issues of untimely obsolescence or retooling when a cellular phone model changes – adding to the hidden cost of ownership.

“Unlike the ‘merged’ reader and phone approaches, the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is astonishingly thin and connects to a range of mobile computing devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops,” said Jorge Garcia-Dela Torre, solutions engineer for Crossmatch. “It is easily added to a chosen device that meets the customer’s use case demands.”

Like all NOMAD devices, the 30 Pocket Reader utilizes the latest space-saving capacitive thin-film transistor (TFT) sensor technology that provides superior outdoor and bright ambient light performance and is not impacted by tattooed or stained fingers. And the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is FAP 30 PIV certified – meeting the preferred NIST mobile fingerprint standard.

Designed specifically for mobile applications, the NOMAD’s ideal use cases include rapid Mobile ID for law enforcement, remote banking customer verification and civil government program enrollee verification.

Offered in limited distribution until today, the NOMAD 30 Pocket Reader is now widely available with the U.are.U for Android SDK. A Windows-based SDK is scheduled for release later this month, with Linux availability in September.

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