Crossmatch Press Release

Crossmatch to Highlight DigitalPersona Composite Authentication at Gartner’s IAM Summit 2016

Crossmatch®, a leading provider of security and identity management solutions since 1996, announced the next step in secure enterprise authentication – Composite Authentication.

Composite Authentication goes beyond traditional 2FA and MFA offerings to deliver the optimal mix of factors which enable risk-based policies that adapt to today’s dynamic threat environment. This approach to authentication secures all systems and applications in an increasingly complex IT environment marked by proliferating endpoints, applications and new service delivery models.

“Composite Authentication represents what is next for secure authentication,” said Lance Roncalli, Crossmatch senior vice president of sales and marketing. “Our proven DigitalPersona® authentication platform embodies these real-world security requirements. We close the gaps left by traditional authentication solutions, while covering on premise, legacy and cloud applications with an easy to deploy and use solution for any user, anywhere and at any moment.”

Organizations, worldwide, continue to be plagued by a relentless onslaught of cyber attacks and ensuing data breaches, most of which are due to compromised credentials. Never before has the need for a new way of securing applications, data and devices been greater. Unfortunately, traditional authentication solutions have been limited, until now.

“We believe our Composite Authentication approach directly impacts those recurring pain points of the CISO, CIO and IT professional,” Roncalli added. “Composite Authentication transforms the way these professionals can protect the integrity of their digital organization by taking the next step to complete protection without overburdening the individual user.”

At its core, DigitalPersona Composite Authentication is designed to achieve four objectives: close every gap left by traditional authentication approaches, offer rapid adaptability, deliver complete coverage and be human-proofed. Together, these capabilities are transformative: freeing the organization’s security posture from its dependence on people, ensuring usability for both users and IT, and providing long-term protection of an organization’s applications, systems and networks.

To learn more about DigitalPersona Composite Authentication, visit Crossmatch at booth #722 at the IAM Summit from Nov 29 – Dec 1, 2016 in Las Vegas.