Crossmatch Press Release

Crossmatch Selected for Phase 2 of IARPA Thor Program

Seeks to Develop Next-Gen Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Technologies

Crossmatch®, a globally-recognized leader in biometric identity management and secure authentication solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) to enter Phase 2 of the Thor program.

IARPAIARPA’s Thor program focuses on the development of next-generation biometric Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) technologies. After successfully completing Phase 1 which concluded on August 31, Crossmatch was one of three teams down-selected for Phase 2 which began September 1. Of the three remaining teams, Crossmatch is the only Prime from the biometric industry.

“We are pleased to continue our innovative work on PAD for fingerprint and iris biometrics,” said Crossmatch SVP and Chief Technology Officer Bill McClurg. “Phase 2 of Thor will see a higher concentration of software work, building upon the prototype scanners developed in Phase 1. The work includes developing PAD algorithms based on biometric features, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning that work for both known and unknown presentation attacks.”

The goal of the program is to develop reliable PAD technologies not easily deceived when someone attempts to disguise their true biometric identity to game or mislead a system. The Thor program is scheduled for three phases and expected to run through early 2021.

Crossmatch was awarded its initial Thor program contract with IARPA in early 2017.

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