Crossmatch Press Release

Crossmatch Selected by Hecosys for Polizei Niedersachsen Technology Refresh

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Crossmatch®, a leading provider of identity management enrollment and authentication solutions, today announced that Hecosys, a valued German partner and leading technology integrator, will upgrade the current criminal livescan solution for the Polizei Niedersachsen, which is the State Police Department of Lower Saxony in Germany. The technology refresh will update all livescan booking stations with the latest Crossmatch L Scan® 500 palm scanners which allow for high quality capture of fingerprint and palm print images.

The Polizei Niedersachsen currently uses Crossmatch livescan devices during the booking process. To enhance the criminal booking system, Hecosys will deliver the new Crossmatch L Scan 500 palm scanners that incorporate high speed USB3 connectivity and the latest livescan technology. The new units can also be easily upgraded in the field to increase the image resolution to 1000 pixels-per-inch. This resolution offers a greater level of detail that facilitates higher automated match rates and ensures authorities will be able to smoothly transition into any future requirements.

“The Polizei Niedersachsen has had great success with Crossmatch solutions over the past 10 years, so we are happy to continue our relationship and provide our valued customer with the latest L Scan palm scanners,” said Benjamin Helfmann, managing director at Hecosys. “The new scanners will provide the police agencies with an improved level of performance.”

“As an industry leader in biometric solutions, Crossmatch works with Police Departments worldwide to modernize their criminal livescan systems to adapt to changing realities and threats,” said Eduardo Parodi, vice president, international government sales at Crossmatch. “Government agencies know they can depend on the reliability, performance and image quality of our solutions in critical use applications, such as law enforcement, refugee management and border control screening.”