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Top 5 Best Identity Management Systems and Authentication Services in 2017

By Nicholas Fearn
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Security is more important than ever, these days

Businesses rely heavily on technology. Employees use computers, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets on a daily basis to streamline processes, stay productive and communicate with colleagues, while databases store important information about customers and products.

Because of this, effective security is paramount. It’s no longer good enough to put physical security first. Although CCTV cameras and sophisticated door locks will stop intruders from entering your office, a hack into your computer system could spell total disaster and bring your whole firm down.

Managing user identity is one of the most important steps in implementing a cybersecurity strategy. You need to be able to trust the people who have access to valuable business and customer data, all of which would be lucrative to hackers if they were able to gain access.

Identity management systems are a great way to stay ahead of the curve with respect to digital security. They’re not new but they certainly are highly effective. Using these systems, you can see who is accessing content in your system and get information on their motives. You can also set user rights and restrictions.

But which are the best identity management software and authentication services out there? We’ve picked out five top-notch services that you can’t go wrong with.

1. DigitalPersona

Corporate digital security, but it doesn’t come cheap

If you run a large-scale enterprise with a ton of digital assets, then you ought to check out DigitalPersona from Crossmatch. Used widely across the globe and adopted by companies like RBS, this system lets you set smart authentication procedures for users.

The software analyses risks posed to your company and aims to give you a tailored approach to cybersecurity. There are multiple authentication methods to choose from, such as biometrics, tokens, pins, SAML and phones. It’s easy to set these up, and you should have a more secure system in place within no time.

What’s also nifty is the fact that you can add more applications and changes over time, so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect method straight away. As well as this, the software offers added protection for privileged and important users. This is sophisticated technology and is targeted at firms with significant security budgets.