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Biometrics system launched to verify Hajj permits

handheld biometric scanner for biometric Hajj permits

By Mohammed Al-Sulami
Courtesy of Arab News

JEDDAH: The National Information Center (NIC) and Public Security have jointly launched a mobile biometrics system for use with smart devices.

The system provides many electronic services to security personnel in the field including checking Hajj permits and security scanning for wanted persons, either through fingerprinting, the national ID number or residence identity number, all in record time, not exceeding a few seconds.

The system will enhance and support the technical capacities of security personnel in the field through the provision of easy-to-carry smart devices during the current Hajj season, as these devices are equipped with fingerprint and ID readers, and cameras to take photos.

The system has many features such as the taking of non-registered biometrics and sending them to the fingerprint processing system at the NIC, and identification of persons through the national ID or residence identity numbers. The system provides register reports carried out by the operator of the system, on the validity of Hajj permit, violations, and their registration in the database of the NIC through an individual’s fingerprints.

The launching of the system comes in completion of technical and security work carried out by the NIC and Public Security in using technology in the field of security.