Office 365 Sign On

MS Office 365 Sign On can refer to how users get access to various Office 365 applications and data. It can also refer to the various techniques that are used to protect Office 365 accounts and data from unauthorized access.

Terms related to Office 365 Sign On: Office 365 Secure Score, Office 365 Cloud App Security, Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), Secure Mail Flow, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Customer Lockbox, User Account Management.

MS Office 365 is a subscription service that provides business and individual users with access to Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) In addition to accessing these applications, an MS Office 365 subscription also gives access to MS OneDrive, a data store in the cloud where users can save and share MS Office files.

If a person is signed into an MS Office 365 account, they also have access to files and data stored in MS OneDrive, together with any files that have been shared. Although that isn’t an issue for legitimate users, if a criminal or hacker accesses your MS Office 365 sign on system, they can potentially access and steal sensitive files and information.

There are several ways to protect an MS Office 365 account, including smart Single Sign On (SSO) algorithms, multi-factor authentication (e.g. a security token and biometrics), Secure Score (analytics of security best practice), Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL), Secure Mail Flow, and more.

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