Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to natural intelligence, demonstrated by biological organisms.

Terms related to Artificial intelligence: AI, machine intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, intelligent agents, general intelligence, algorithms.

AI is a rapidly-growing technology in the world of computer science, especially with regard to how computers and humans interact. In computer science terms, AI research is mostly focussed around “intelligent agents” — these are specially designed devices and programs that interact with various inputs and their environment to achieve specific goals. AI is especially concerned with problem solving and learning.

AI is focussed around several different fields including planning learning, understanding human language, decision making, perceiving the environment, and more. The applications of AI are increasing every year, from powering robots to fraud detection, and enabling self-driving cars to predicting medical outcomes.

The technology is becoming an increasingly important part of computer science and technological development — the wide availability of computing power, on-demand infrastructure, and the need for deeper understanding of data patterns is driving interest and investment in AI platforms.

AI is often driven by algorithms — complex computer functions that take a specific set of circumstances and define how the AI should react to them to maximize its chance of success. More complex AI platforms allow AI to “teach” itself through running many simulations and use cases to determine the best cause of action. This allows algorithms to be dynamically updated to make the AI more efficient and successful.

In the field of biometrics and cybersecurity, AI can be used to understand when people diverge from expected behavior, and can then apply more rigorous authentication protocols for them to prove who they are and gain access to systems.

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