What is Keystroke Biometrics?

Composite Authentication Security Solution

Strengthen security with DigitalPersona’s new behavioral biometric authentication factor based on how users type

Keystroke biometrics enhances authentication security

Behavioral biometrics enhances authentication security along with delivering a superior user experience in use cases that include frequent user interaction. DigitalPersona has always supported the broadest range of authentication factors on the market to help organizations secure every endpoint, user and system. The integration of behavioral biometrics adds a key component to a multilayered security strategy and poses no further privacy risk.

Thanks to our addition of BehavioSense technology into DigitalPersona, users’ actual typing behavior is a verifiable factor within your composite authentication scheme.

Incorporating keystroke biometrics brings a host of advantages to an already robust authentication product. This technology uses continuous machine learning to authenticate users based not on what they type, but on how they type. The algorithm can verify who someone is based on how they naturally interact with their device and deliver instant identity verification, along with continuous authentication. No special sensors. No extra hardware. Keystroke input characteristics are analyzed to build a profile of the user which is refined over time and highly accurate — further preventing fraudulent login risk.

Behavioral biometrics, frictionless for users

The behavioral difference:
A multilayered approach

Behavioral biometrics is part of a multilayered security approach

A mixture of legacy factors with behavioral biometrics means masterpiece security for your organization.

Keystroke biometrics at work

The user score factors in three metrics that are captured by the system: Press, Flight, and Sequence. The combination of these measurements creates a user profile that is continuously compiled and analyzed.

how keystroke biometrics work

Continuous authentication that gets smarter by the second

Enhanced by machine learning, the authentication function of keystroke biometrics gets more sensitive over time. The more sessions a user participates in, the more complete a picture the system has of their behavior.

Keystroke biometrics is naturally resistant to presentation attacks, as well:

  • On the digital layer, stolen session data can’t be reused, since repeated sessions are flagged as suspicious.
  • On the physical layer, the measured differences between user behaviors are so minute that humans are unable to perceive and duplicate them.

Leveraging a mix of authentication modalities — including keystroke biometrics — allows organizations to defend against cybersecurity threats while preserving user experience and making compliance easier.


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