DigitalPersona® Composite Authentication

Identity and access management software that offers with the broadest set of authentication factors

DigitalPersona® goes beyond traditional authentication to provide risk-based factors that deliver the strongest, most complete protection available to secure your network, applications and digital assets.

Take the burden off the user with frictionless access. Only DigitalPersona offers a human-proofed solution that delivers the right level of security for every user, every app, every time. The factors include:

What You Know

what you know



Recovery Questions



Who You Are

who you are


Facial Recognition

Voice Recognition



What You Have

what you have

Smart Card

Contactless Keycard

Proximity Card

Bluetooth Device

One Time Password

What You Do

what you do



Mouse Tracking

Device Orientation

Where You Are

where you are

GPS Location

IP Address



When You Act

when you act

Time Frame

Geo Velocity



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