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Composite Authentication

Welcome to the new world of authentication

Beyond 2FA and MFA

The most complete way to optimize security for every app, every user, every time.

The world is changing. It is becoming a more dangerous and uncertain place. Your people and technology are the only things standing between your organization and a potentially devastating attack on digital assets.

And yet, too many products only try to offer a better two-factor authentication solution. They miss the key, crucial fact that your users ARE the perimeter. Their usability and convenience needs must be taken into account, alongside their productivity and human tendencies for errors. Enter DigitalPersona Composite Authentication.

Our solution moves your organization past the barriers and limitations of traditional two-factor. It elevates convenience in user experience and better secures the most critical applications. And it does so with an ease of management that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Key Highlights

Beyond Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

beyond mfa

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication dynamically provides the right authentication method at the user’s fingertips when they need it. Policy and context drive the requirements for each application. Use one-time passwords (OTP), biometric, push token, mobile authentication and more all through a common interface.

Complete Coverage

complete coverage

It is a solution for legacy, cloud, mobile and web. No application is left behind. Equally important, whatever compliance need you may be striving to achieve–HIPPA, GDPR, PCI – DigitalPersona Composite Authentication can help you meet it in record time and with zero audit findings.

Human Proof


It is frictionless, it takes the authentication burden off your users. There are no tokens to provision. Users are presented with the authentication methods required for access. Single sign-on (SSO) means your users can stay productive even as strong authentication is deployed throughout your organization.

Rapid Deployment / Easy Management

rapid deployment

Fast deployment and integration: days, not months. It’s ease of use from both a management and user standpoint is unparalleled. Running in a lightweight configuration, DigitalPersona Composite Authentication integrates with your existing infrastructure. On-going management is a snap.

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