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DigitalPersona Takes No. 1 in TechRadar’s Top 5 Best Identity Management Systems and Authentication Services in 2017
Press Release

Crossmatch announces agreement to include DigitalPersona authentication software with Panasonic’s Toughbook mobile computing solutions

The inclusion of DigitalPersona software with the Toughbook delivers an extremely powerful and secure mobile computing solution for public safety and utility operators. DigitalPersona seamlessly provides a flexible range of authentication factors for granting secure access to the laptop, applications and workflows, whether local or in the cloud.

Panasonic Toughbook with DigitalPersona multi-factor authentication software

Traditional authentication is inadequate.

With traditional authentication, secure access is dependent on human compliance. Users are burdened with inconvenient and complex authentication policies. These policies are not adaptable to an evolving threat environment. As a result, your enterprise isn’t fully protected.


Go beyond two-factor and multifactor authentication.

Eliminate the dependency on people with DigitalPersona Composite Authentication. With a convenient, frictionless user experience, it’s frustration-free. Dynamic risk-based policies adapt to threats. Security is optimized for every app, every user, every time and everywhere. 


The right mix of factors, moment by moment.

With the broadest possible selection of factors, you can deploy the right mix of authentication options for every user, application, device and network moment by moment. It’s the strongest protection available in the industry.

The Foundation of Composite Authentication

Beyond MFA: Close Every Gap

Beyond MFA: Close Every Gap

Expand your traditional set of authentication factors – what you have, are and know – with the contextual risk factors of time, velocity, location and behavior. Choose the right level of protection for every application, every user and every system.
Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

Secure all your applications, including web, cloud, windows, mobile, VDI and VPN – even legacy mainframe apps that continue to play a vital role. And, with DigitalPersona, all constituencies are covered – not only your employees, but also your customers, vendors and partners.


Eliminate the reliance as well as the burden on users – so that you can lead with strong authentication postures without fear of compromise due to lack of cooperation. Strengthen your compliance profile with an irrefutable proof-of-presence.  And lower administration costs with an IT-friendly architecture.
Rapid Adaptability

Rapid Adaptability

Deploy quickly, with minimal disruption and without forcing YOUR systems to adapt to OUR product. Integrate with your existing IT infrastructure using current IT tools and resources, and achieve staffing flexibility and lower up-front and ongoing overhead costs – all while gaining peace of mind with a future-proofed architecture.

Use Cases

DigitalPersona Composite Authentication meets a wide range of use cases for enterprise authentication. Here are just a few examples of how organizations are moving beyond two-factor and multifactor authentication:

Windows Logon

With Microsoft Windows still a prime target for hackers, DigitalPersona offers unparalleled protection for logging into Windows desktops and servers.

Single Sign-On/Federation

SSO provides convenient access, but just having SSO isn’t enough. DigitalPersona provides SSO SAML and federation to your common applications and then intelligently delivers the right authentication for the specific scenario every time.

Cloud and Mobile Applications

Moving to the cloud? Have mobile applications? DigitalPersona covers your cloud and mobile applications and can help secure your most sensitive applications while empowering your organization to embrace new platforms and technologies.


The VPN is still a foundational access technology, and DigitalPersona can strengthen access and provide an array of convenient authentication methods for users.

Build Your Own Authentication

Integrate authentication into your existing applications using our DigitalPersona Access Management API.


Solutions for law enforcement to meet your CJIS needs; a Temenos banking platform that delivers biometric authentication; and a federal government solution to help manage PIV and CAC cards are also supported.

Meeting the various regulatory and compliance requirements in your organization can be a challenge.

DigitalPersona helps organizations of all sizes and across industries meet the 2FA requirements – and go way beyond – for HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, Sarbanes-Oxley, EPIC e-Prescribe and more.

Composite Authentication is assisting organizations in healthcare, finance, retail, gaming and more.

DigitalPersona is utilized by hundreds of millions of users daily including these forward-thinking organizations:

finanz informatikRoyal Bank of ScotlandKawasaki Thermal Engineeringphoenix arizona police departmentMemorial Hospital Union Countytfcucaixa

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