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Unethical employees are on their way to outstealing shoplifters

Retail theft isn’t always due to shoplifting, dishonest employees are a primary cause of lost revenue. Point of sale (POS) terminals are frequently the target of dishonest employees — where time and attendance is logged and sales transactions are processed. Employees can take advantage of weak authentication methods to buddy punch, void transactions and give discounts without a manager approval.

Employee theft by the numbers


of all shrinkage
due to in-house theft

1/3 of all employees
commit some type of theft


the average cost
of a dishonest employee

Stop employee theft with fingerprint biometrics at the POS

Employees can’t share credentials to buddy punch and managers must be present to approve voids, returns and discounts. See immediate cost savings with a full return on investment within just weeks of deployment. Discover how fast by using the retail ROI calculator above.

More than 90% of all biometrically-enabled terminals use Crossmatch technology and with biometric support already built into leading point of sale software, integration is a snap.

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