Strong Authentication Buyer’s Guide


Composite Authentication needs to be in your future

With this buyer’s guide, find out why:

  • Static passwords are out.
  • 2FA isn’t flexible enough to meet user’s convenience needs.
  • Multi-factor authentication was so last year.

Today’s authentication solutions need to secure all applications – cloud, mobile, web and legacy – while balancing convenience and security. The solution needs to be easy to install, manage and be flexible enough to grow as your needs do. It also needs to reduce the human element which can compromise and weaken security systems.

Our solution moves an organization past the barriers and limitations of traditional two-factor

It elevates convenience in user experience and better secures the most critical applications. It does so with an ease of management that will make you wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Download our Strong Authentication Buyer’s Guide to help decide which solution is right for you.

wp auth buyers guide

Download the Authentication Buyer’s Guide