Store and Forward

Identity Management Software

Efficient consolidation and management of biometric enrollment records, submissions and responses

Consolidate identity record
submissions and responses

Centralized consolidation and submission management of biometric enrollment and verification records. Our approach offers the ability to store, monitor, edit and manage the life-cycle of a biometric submission records centrally through a web-browser based interface.

store forward computer screen
store forward computer screen

Securely and easily manage transactions

A secure, central server architecture allows a unified and automated process to control the workflow of your electronic biometric records (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission or EFT). With hold/release capabilities, you can manage single or batch submissions via the web.

Manage multiple enrollment locations while preserving existing capture infrastructure

With distributed environments using multiple vendor solutions, WEBS Store and Forward provides an easy way preserve your existing capture infrastructure while enhancing security and visibility through centralized submission and response management.

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Safeguard personally identifiable information (PII)

By collecting information in one secure, centrally managed location, distributed workstations are not required to keep sensitive data on local or unsecure equipment.

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Enhance compliance through segregation of administrative duties

Aligning processes for segregation of duties and secure access of information allows administrator to effectively adhere to industry standards and compliance policies.

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WEBS Store and Forward

A web-based approach for the consolidation and management of biometric enrollment data. Store, monitor, edit and manage the life-cycle of a biometric submission record centrally through secure web interface.

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