Mobile Applications

Biometric Identity Management Software

Versatile mobile identity verification and enrollment software

Powering mobile biometric solutions around the world

As a leading provider of biometric handhelds and jumpkits, Crossmatch has deep mobile biometric capture expertise. Our mobile software powers thousands of mobile solutions—domestically and internationally—in mission-critical environments. Designed specifically for mobile use case applications, Crossmatch mobile software is hard at work supporting identity verification and enrollment for leading law enforcement, border control and defense agencies worldwide.

mobile jumpkit

Capture capabilities from identification to full in-field enrollment

Whether your organization’s use case requires identity verification or entails full multimodal enrollment, our Mobile ID and Mission Oriented Biometric Software (MOBS) provides a flexible approach to your identity management requirements.

Software designed for the mobile user

Crossmatch makes mobility a priority. Features like our touchscreen menu interfaces and reconfigurable mission workflow setup are meant to enhance mobile productivity and security.

Mobile Operations Biometrics Software (MOBS)

With its simplified icon-based interface, mobile-friendly design, configurable workflow and multilingual support, MOBS delivers streamlined criminal and civil enrollment regardless of fixed or mobile deployment.

Mobile ID

A highly configurable Android-based application designed for rapid in-field identification and identity verification. Ideally suited for law enforcement, the application has an intuitive user interface for hassle-free biographic data input and biometric capture processing and submission. The app logs submission and response records from multiple AFIS and clearly displays them for subject disposition.

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