Livescan Hardware

L Scan Ten-print and Palm Livescan

L Scan Tenprint and Palm Print Scanners

The L Scan palm scanner line addresses the need for compact, high resolution, rapid capture livescan systems for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment. Offered in either 500 ppi or 1000 ppi resolution, they are FBI Appendix F certified and easily acquire upper, lower and writer’s palms, flats and rolls.

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guardian ten print scanner

Guardian Tenprint Scanners

Delivering trusted performance and reliability, the Crossmatch® Guardian® line of tenprint scanners represent the latest evolution in optical fingerprint capture for critical high volume applications. User applications vary from border control and national ID enrollment, to background check and benefits enrollment.

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Patrol ID Ten-print Livescan

Patrol ID Tenprint Scanner

An economical approach to certified tenprint acquisition without sacrificing image quality. FBI Appendix F certified for ID Flats.

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