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Rapid optical ten-print optical capture with unparalleled image quality

Tenprint module ideal for kiosk, e-gate and workstation integration

Our Guardian Module was developed with the needs of the growing kiosk, e-gate and workstation marketplace in mind. With an impressive pedigree, the module delivers the performance and reliability that make our Guardian livescan line the industry benchmark in ten fingerprint acquisition.

Certification: FBI Appendix F
Fingerprint Acquisition Profile (FAP): 60
Capture Technology: Optical

tenprint module

Appendix F certified for assured identity

The Guardian module offers certified livescan identification flat (Type 14) and rolled (Type 4) fingerprint capture—making it ideal for integration into automated kiosks or enrollment / booking counters, with compliant submission to FBI NGI, Ident, Interpol and other authoritative databases

Simple and seamless integration into your application

With compact housing, multiple mounting points and a flush platen and surround, the Guardian module integrates seamlessly into any fixture.

tenprint module
Livescan Tenprint Biometric Management Software

Biometrically enable your workflow with a user-friendly SDK

Utilize our L Scan Essential SDK to quickly and easily add fingerprint and palm print capture workflows and support your biometric enrollment or identity verification requirements.

Intuitive user guidance ensures accuracy

Preprogrammed guidance includes left or right hand, finger acquisition sequence, roll initiation and image capture quality – all designed to expedite processing and ensure the highest quality image in an unattended or semi-attended environment.

Shorten the queue with unrivaled capture speed

Known for its lightning fast image capture, thanks to proprietary Auto Capture technology, Guardian is ideal for your high throughput environment.

Tenprint Livescan Fingerprint Image Clarity

Enhance match performance with industry-leading image quality

Speed means nothing without quality. Whether you are creating a benchmark enrollment record or are simply verifying an identity, quality impacts match algorithm performance.

Handle all traveler and applicant types with speed and ease

Manage a wide variety of skin conditions without pretreating hands or adjusting equipment. Guardian handles dry skin or dehydrated skin conditions that can result from prolonged air travel. Our proprietary silicone membrane ensures the highest quality capture of dry and fine ridge definition fingerprints. Applicants with wet, moist or sweaty skin are no problem for Guardian’s moisture discriminating optics (MDO).

Defend against presentation attacks

The Guardian line of products includes optional Presentation Attack Detection (PAD). Customers can have peace-of-mind knowing that the readers, using our L Scan Essentials software, can judge when a potential presentation attack is occurring and allow a human to intervene before the transaction is complete.

Short on space? That’s no problem for NOMAD.

The extremely compact, low profile NOMAD tenprint module was designed with mobility in mind. A light, space-saving design makes the NOMAD 7640 the best choice for integration into the next generation of mobile handheld devices.

nomad module

NOMAD meets your use case certification requirements

The NOMAD tenprint module is ideal for applications requiring a fully certified collection of four fingers simultaneously, such as livescan identification flats and rolls. NOMAD meets FBI Appendix F IQS and Mobile ID FAP 60 for your mobile integration needs.

nomad line

Choose from a complete line of NOMAD modules

Offered in a range of capture sizes, there’s a NOMAD Module that meets your mobile integration requirement. All NOMAD fingerprint acquisition devices have durable image capture surfaces and meet stringent specifications. Unlike other coated TFT sensors that are susceptible to scratching, NOMAD readers offer rugged, reliable performance. Contact us to learn more and check availability.

> Looking for the highly portable NOMAD USB Reader?

Typical use cases include:

Kiosk and e-gate integration for: traveler pre-screening / screening and applicant registration

Mobile device integration for: traveler screening exception processing, in-field book and release and mobile identification

guardian module

Guardian Module

Compact tenprint scanner with advanced optics for superior wet/dry finger capture. Designed for easy integration into kiosks, e-gates and workstations.

nomad module

NOMAD Module (7640)

Capacitive thin film transistor (TFT) tenprint module that provides high quality, rapid capture capabilities in a low profile, space-saving footprint.

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