Commercial Hardware

Fingerprint biometrics for every application.

Discover what thousands of developers know – Crossmatch biometric products are easy to integrate, perform flawlessly and offer the broadest range of choices on the market.

Ease of Integration

Unmatched Performance

Widest Range of Choices

Identity solutions across diverse industries and use cases

Across the world, millions of our fingerprint readers and sensors provide identity-based security in safes, door locks, PC laptops, medical devices, POS terminals, mobile terminals and more.

Retail and Hospitality

Buddy Punching

Unauthorized Voids

Secure POS Access

Efficient Checkout


Patient Registration

EMR Access Control

Drug Dispensaries

Shared Kiosks and Carts


Prescription Authorization

Workflow Management

Quality Assurance

Finance and Banking

Secure Wire Transfers

Account Access

Transaction Security


Time and Attendance

Wage Theft

Workforce Management


Health Club Access

Age Verification

Lunch Programs


Cash Management

Secure Area Access

System Access Control

Physical Access

Door Locks

Gun Safes

Secure Area Access

Ease of integration

Our award-winning biometric hardware comes with everything needed to integrate biometrics into your application, easily. Included are access to U.are.U SDK downloads, membership to our Developer Web Portal, and both software and hardware documentation.

All U.are.U SDKs come complete with APIs, drivers, a biometric engine and sample applications for use as-is, or for modification by the customer. And because a royalty-free license covers our SDKs, no complex downstream end-user licensing is required. Just write and distribute!

Unmatched performance

Our customers tell us they choose Crossmatch biometrics again and again because “They just work!”

Based on decades of technical innovation and market-tested experience, we have earned a reputation as the natural choice for fingerprint biometrics. Our solutions are built on a complete, integrated biometric stack – from biometric algorithm and drivers, to application interface and hardware design – all optimized to work together flawlessly.

Widest range of choices

From small embeddable modules for mobile devices to desktop USB peripheral readers for PC-based applications, we offer a product that meets your specifications. We offer optical and silicon technologies for government certified or commercial use in a range of sizes.

Fingerprint Commercial Biometric Modules and Sensors

Find the right product for you

Whether your use case calls for USB fingerprint readers or OEM modules, we have a variety of hardware options and supporting SDKs.

single fingerprint reader
Fingerprint Readers

Single Fingerprint Readers

A selection of USB optical and silicon single finger readers for PC-based applications and use cases.

single finger modules
Fingerprint Modules

Single Fingerprint Modules

A portfolio of optical and silicon modules to meet a range of embedded applications.

Single Finger Authentication SDK
Software Development Kits

Single Finger Authentication

Royalty-free SDKs for single finger biometric readers and modules. Available for multiple operating systems.

All-in-one developer kits

To make it easy to add fingerprint biometrics to your application, we have assembled everything you need to get started in one convenient kit. Kits are available for both PC-based USB fingerprint readers and OEM modules, and include sample hardware, downloadable royalty-free SDKs, sample code, documentation and membership in our Developer Web Portal.

biometric software developer kit with biometric hardware
Have questions about single fingerprint readers, modules or SDKs?