Biometric Identity Solution

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Solution Overview

From border management to personnel vetting, military and law enforcement to civilian applications, Crossmatch builds biometric identity management solutions which cover the full range of government use cases. Our reputation for data quality and user-friendly software makes Crossmatch a natural fit for governments around the world.


Crossmatch solutions create the verified voter rolls which serve as the foundation for fair and open elections. Through the power of biometric technology, Crossmatch delivers voting systems which promote trust in the democratic process.


Crossmatch solutions provide businesses and government agencies with flexible, user-friendly background check systems. Whether it’s a comprehensive solution or simply the biometric workflow, Crossmatch provides an array of software and hardware components to meet every need.


When flows of migrants create a security challenge, Crossmatch solutions provide governments with situational awareness. Leveraging database holdings at the national and international level, Crossmatch establishes verified identities which can be used to manage threats and deliver assistance to those in need.


Crossmatch solutions are the industry standard for border management, delivering quality biometric capture, robust matching, and mobile deployment options which service the full range of border control scenarios. Governments around the world trust Crossmatch hardware and software for its ease of use, facilitating travel through some of the world’s busiest ports of entry.


Crossmatch solutions allow governments, international organizations, and NGOs to deliver targeted assistance to those who need it most. Using biometrics to eliminate fraud and track results, Crossmatch solutions ensure accountability, promote efficiency, and provide the results reporting which assistance organizations depend on in the field.

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