Corrections and Monitoring

Biometric Identity Solution

Rapid and accurate identification of prisoners, detainees and monitoring program enrollees for increased efficiency

The Challenge

Correctional officers face fundamentally inefficient processes due to inadequate identification capabilities. Functions such as intake, pre-release and ins/outs take longer than they should. When officers administer medication, provide inmates access to law and educational resources, or facilitate visitation, an assured inmate identity is mandatory. This process can take many forms, but most are inefficient and time-consuming. Many lead to queueing, which is inherently unsafe in a corrections environment. Community corrections monitoring functions also require positive identification. Ensuring compliance with the conditions of release can stretch limited agency resources to the breaking point – jeopardizing the ability of a facility to meet requirements.

The Solution

Enter biometrics. It isn’t easy for inmates or monitoring enrollees to replicate, share, or lose biometric identifiers (fingerprints), and biometric solutions are typically easy to deploy. Our Corrections and Monitoring solution facilitates the rapid and accurate identification of prisoners, detainees, and monitoring program enrollees. This contributes to more efficient processes by providing a quick and easy way to establish positive identity during critical operations—streamlining procedure and keeping officers and agents safer. Additionally, we can provide a range of optional features to further enhance efficiencies, such as jail management and correction management system integration, administration tools for auditing and strong, composite authentication for network and digital data security.

Key Benefits

Expect improved match performance.

Our industry-leading fingerprint scanners can provide the highest probability of matching for enrollment, identification and verification functions.

Maximize productivity with easy-to-use software applications.

Well-designed software applications are configurable to meet specific agency needs and powerful enough to provide for the most demanding requirements.

Enhance your organizational efficiency and data accuracy.

Ease-of-use and optional integration with data management systems will promote and ensure data synchronization and provide a simple yet powerful user experience.

Make administration simple with powerful management tools.

Our optional transaction management subsystem provides a myriad of features to manage processes, transactions and security.

With decades of biometric acquisition and identity management expertise – including deployments in some of the most challenging environments around the world – Crossmatch provides more than just high-quality hardware and software solutions. We provide assurance, even in your most critical identity applications.

Crossmatch-quality Guardian, NOMAD and U.are.U fingerprint scanners are at the core of the solution, providing versatile capture capabilities and a range of mobility options. The versatile Verifier Sentry all-in-one device is also available to support mobile functions. With modular ArcID Application Software, facilities and agencies can rest assured that they’re complying with standards as they enjoy increased flexibility and ease of use. ArcID even supports reliable local matching functionality. DigitalPersona software adds another layer of security to IT systems, ensuring fast, compliant logins and coverage of all access points. But we don’t just offer hardware and software. We also offer our many years of experience and dedicated support for your deployment — including support for optional integration to maximize efficiency and ensure process synchronization.

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