Palm Print Livescan

Biometric Hardware

Compact, high-resolution, tenprint and palm print livescan for criminal identification, forensic analysis and enrollment applications

The benchmark for palm print livescan

For years Crossmatch L Scan® livescan devices have been synonymous with industry-leading, high quality palm print and fingerprint image acquisition. No other scanner produces better level 2 and level 3 details, resulting in the best possible match rates.

Capture a set of prints using an L Scan livescan and you will see why Crossmatch is the leader in innovative, intuitive and easy to use biometric acquisition.

Superior image quality offers astonishing detail

The L Scan palm scanner has a precision optical block and an image sensor that was designed specifically for Crossmatch, delivering the highest resolution images on the market. The result is astonishingly minute details, supporting improved “lights out” search performance and latent examination capabilities.

* The image sensor can be configured to deliver 500 ppi or 1000 ppi resolution

Proprietary features enhance safety and reduce rejection

Proprietary FlexFlat and FlexRoll enable acquisition of print images regardless of positioning on the platen, while patented Auto Capture functionality ensures rapid capture of high quality images—allowing booking officers to focus on safety while Crossmatch systems ensure sequencing, positioning and print quality. Simplified and automated capture minimizes FBI rejections due to poor print quality.

Access to new crime-solving capabilities

L Scan livescan easily acquires FBI Appendix F IQS certified upper, lower, hypothenar and ulnar side (writer’s palm), in addition to traditional identification flats and rolls. Agencies can search and directly enroll into the FBI’s National Palm Print System (NPPS), accessing valuable data to support criminal investigations.

Over 3x faster file transmission than traditional connections

Only L Scan livescan utilizes USB 3.0 connectivity, providing transfer speeds over three-times faster than older scanners relying on USB 2.0. Get the most out of your system with Crossmatch innovation.


Trusted performance and reliability

Your officers work hard, and reliable up-time performance and ease of use improves productivity. L Scan units undergo rigorous testing and have an MTBF in excess of 45,000 hours—the equivalent of five years of continuous use—in some of the most demanding environments.

Easy integration into existing stations

L Scan livescan devices easily integrate into Crossmatch enrollment and booking stations. Stations are available in height adjustable and universal configurations to suit your requirements.

Tenprint Livescan Enrollment and Booking Station

Two L Scan models to meet your unique requirements

Palm Print Livescan L Scan 500

L Scan 500

Leading compact palm print acquisition at 500 ppi resolution.

Palm Print Livescan L Scan 1000

L Scan 1000

All the same great features and benefits of the L Scan 500 but with enhanced 1000 ppi resolution, providing unrivaled image quality and minutiae detail.

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