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Download Wendy's Restaurant Point of Sale Fingerprint Biometrics Case Study
Crate & Barrel Point of Sale Fingerprint Biometrics Solution
Banco Azteca Biometric Authentication Solution
US Department of Homeland Security Biometric Identity Solution
Download Washington County Arkansas Multi-Factor Authentication Case Study
Ministry of Defence Biometric Identity Solution
Move past the limitations of traditional 2FA and MFA

Move past the limitations of traditional 2FA and MFA

See how our DigitalPersona authentication solution is changing the digital landscape within these industries:

Law Enforcement

Discover the power of assured identity

Discover the power of assured identity

Explore Crossmatch biometric-based solutions with unparalleled, industry-leading technologies:

Border Management
Migrant Security
Criminal Enrollment
Mobile for Law Enforcement

Stop fraud and theft at the point-of-sale

Stop fraud and theft at the point-of-sale

Discover biometric-based solutions for end-users and integrators tailored to the retail/restaurant industry:

Solutions for Retail
Commercial Hardware

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Crossmatch Integrates BehavioSec Behavioral Biometrics into DigitalPersona Enterprise Authentication Solution
Partnership adds behavioral authentication to already robust set of factors

Featured Resource

It’s an Authentication Revolution
Explore DigitalPersona’s composite authentication solution. Watch the video!

Featured Resource

The Role of Advanced Authentication
in Cybersecurity for Credit Unions and Banks

Customer Story

Gesa Credit Union

Increasing data security and simplifying login complexity using a composite authentication approach.

Watch the video >

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