U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard

  • U.are.U Keyboardt

    The U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard is a Windows-compatible 104-key keyboard with a built-in U.are.U 4500 Fingerprint Reader. It is designed for use with Crossmatch software including DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise and our U.are.U SDKs (except for the U.are.U SDK for Android). The integrated keyboard has all of the accuracy, durability and convenience of a U.are.U Fingerprint Reader, yet eliminates the need for desktop users to attach two USB devices such as a keyboard and fingerprint reader.

    A user simply places a finger on the reader window, and the reader quickly and automatically captures and encrypts the fingerprint image before sending it to the FingerJet matching engine for verification.

    Crossmatch products utilize optical fingerprint technology for superior image quality and product reliability. The combination of a U.are.U Fingerprint Reader with the FingerJet matching engine produces an unmatched ability to recognize even the most difficult fingerprints.

    U.are.U Keyboard