TCS4K Swipe Sensor

  • TCS4K Swipe Sensor

    The TCS4K is an enterprise-friendly solution for PC makers looking for versatility, including a wide imaging area, and standards-compatible minutia matching in a power efficient implementation. The TCS4K’s form factor supports applications requiring a wider fingerprint image (192 pixel / 9.6 mm wide sensing area) for enhanced usability and accuracy and its minutia matching algorithms include support for ISO 19794-2 and ANSI/INCITS 378 compatible minutia templates. The solution also supports additional security features including image data signing, encryption and anti-spoofing.

    The TCS4K is compatible with the TCD58 companion processor which provides additional performance and features, including Power-On Authentication (POA), as well as support for LEDs and One-Time Passwords (OTP).

    TCS4K Swipe Sensor  
    • Multiple battery-friendly operating modes
    • Internal current limiter, voltage regulator and USB clock generator
    • Supports USB2.0 full speed host and EEPROM memory interfaces
    • BGA package
    • Highly durable black SteelCoat coating
    • Highly integrated design enables low bill of materials cost
    • Advanced technology provides the most accurate fingerprint image
    • Minutia matching supports different swipe angles
    • Anti-spoofing protection
    • User navigation features
    • Password replacement
    • Scroll wheel and rocker switch emulation
    • Quick application launch
    • Fast user switching
    • One-Time Password-ready (OTP) (with optional TCD58 Companion Processor)