TCS1 Large Touch Sensor
  • TCET-TCS1 Modules-Sensors diagonal

    Silicon Fingerprint Sensor

    The TouchChip TCS1 fingerprint sensor offers our largest image capture area for a silicon fingerprint sensor, ensuring the best possible biometric performance. The TouchChip TCS1 is FIPS-201 PIV certified. The TouchChip TCS1 sensor has been designed for applications such as logical and physical access control, mobile ID devices and other government and enterprise security applications where fast capture and excellent biometric performance are the top priority.

    The TCS1 sensor provides excellent fingerprint images across a wide range of users, making it a highly reliable solution for large scale identity management applications. The patented silicon fingerprint imaging technology delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio with excellent robustness in a compact package and low power.

    TCET-TCS1 Modules-Sensors diagonal  
    • Most widely deployed silicon touch sensor technology
    • TCS1 sensor is the only FIPS-201 PIV certified silicon fingerprint sensor
    • Ideal for more multi-user and identification applications that require excellent biometric performance
    • Small size and low power
    • Active capacitance technology delivers excellent image quality and ability to acquire fingerprint images
    • Enhanced Image Mode (EIM) optimizes image quality over a broad range of skin types and capture conditions
    • Eliminates latent images during capture
    • SteelCoat coating (black) improves ruggedness
    • Complete set of development tools
    • Tab package allows for quick mechanical integration
    • Broad software support from leading algorithm providers, ISV’s and system integrators
    • Supports ingress protection protects from dust and moisture penetration (requires gasket, sold separately)