Mobile Operations Biometrics Software

  • Certified Safety Act

    Mobile Operations Biometrics Software (MOBS) was created by Crossmatch to facilitate enrollment tasks on handheld devices. However, its popularity has spilled over on to laptops and desktop environments. MOBS allows users to streamline applicant enrollment and criminal booking procedures in high-risk environments, such as designated hot zones or areas of civil unrest. The innovative biometric identity management software solution empowers users to predefine and setup situational data and utilize pre-set criteria to enroll subjects. To further expedite the enrollment process, MOBS reads barcodes, smart cards or passports to obtain data from existing identification documents when present to fill in biographical data in the creation of EBTS records. This frees biometric data capture system operators to focus on other issues, such as adhering to safety protocols, while maintaining the ability to create forensic-quality EBTS records of fingerprint, iris, face and palm images.

    MOBS runs on Windows operating systems and is well suited for handheld enrollment products utilizing touchscreens such as the Seek Avenger from Crossmatch. In addition to the Seek Avenger, MOBS also supports the following readers from Crossmatch: Guardian, 1000PX, V320, EF200, Patrol and I Scan 2 as well as standard Windows peripherals such as cameras, scanners, and printers.

    The ease to configure MOBS enables agencies to work directly with custom EBTS records they may have defined. MOBS outputs EBTS records per your specification. Crossmatch has created configurations for many agencies including Federal, Interpol, DOD, CJIS, CIES, DHS and UK MOD to name a few. If your precise specifications are not covered by an existing configuration, we can make one for you.

    Certified Safety Act