Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Crossmatch offers biometrics-based solutions for criminal identification and booking that reduce costs, improve productivity and help safeguard both citizens and law enforcement professionals. Our solutions enable the rapid, high quality capture of multiple biometrics and biographical data. Crossmatch fingerprint and palm scanners and related enrollment software leverage our patented Auto Capture functionality as well as Perfect Image, FlexFlat and FlexRoll technologies, making biometric image capture quick and easy. All Crossmatch livescan solutions are fully compliant and FBI certified.

    Crossmatch also provides solutions for agencies looking to comply with advanced authentication requirements for employee access to personal data. Our background check solutions enable agencies to offer criminal history services for applicants and hiring companies in regulated industries, such as financial services, education and healthcare. These checks not only support their mandated compliance, but also eliminate the costs of onboarding ineligible candidates and provide for a safer work environment.