Solutions for Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Identify. Prevent. Protect.

    Crossmatch Law Enforcement solutions address the wide range of identity challenges facing agencies today. Our solutions enable in-field authentication and identification; offer easy to use, high quality criminal booking and civil applicant background check systems that conform to agency submission requirements; and provide multi-factor authentication, including biometrics, for secure access to networks and applications.

    Crossmatch solutions empower Law Enforcement agencies to:

    • Improve officer safety
    • Safeguard citizens
    • Identify persons of interest and uncooperative subjects
    • Quickly capture high resolution flats, rolls and palm prints
    • Secure networks and digital assets
    • Provide efficient applicant background checks

    Crossmatch solutions offer trusted performance where it matters most. Our high performing, simple-to-use fingerprint and palm scanners and mobile multimodal handheld devices offer the reliability and quality that is the hallmark of Crossmatch. Our livescan solutions are the industry standard and fully compliant with agency requirements. Contact us to learn more.

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